A new kind of app for the visually impaired

Supersense, an AI app that locates what you are looking for

You can use it to find an empty chair, doors, the stairs, or any of the other objects. Or, you can use it to explore a new room or environment.


The iPhone app will be available 2019 summer.
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Mobile Phone showing Supersense Application

About us

We want to give 253 million people with blindness or visual impairment full independence and equal access to employment, education, and social opportunities. We are using and developing cutting-edge neural network systems to enable activities that were impossible before.

Mediate is an MIT spin-off led by a team of entrepreneurs, AI researchers, and designers from MIT, Harvard, and McKinsey. Mediate is generously supported by MIT DesignX Accelerator, MIT Sandbox program, and National Science Foundation.

Contact us at info@mediate.tech

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