AI assistant for the blind

We develop a novel AI technology that empowers the blind and the visually impaired with an unprecedented level of spatial and physical independence.

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A walking man with a white cane

Our mission

We want to give 253 million people with blindness or visual impairment full independence and equal access to employment, education, and social opportunities.

Computer vision has developed to a level where it lets robots autonomously navigate physical spaces. We want to empower the blind and the visually impaired with the cutting edge technology and give them fuller independence.

Image demonstrating usage of the technology

Breakthrough AI technology

We are using cutting-edge computer vision and natural language processing technologies while developing novel neural network systems. Our revolutionary AI system can understand space like a human does and assist someone with visual impairment in solving critical visual and spatial problems. We will deploy our technology both as a mobile application and as a wearable device. 


AI for good

We are part of a movement to end disability in 21st century. AI should be used, not to replace or oppress people, but to empower people. We believe AI will unlock a new paradigm of assistive technologies and we are working to spearhead this effort.

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About us

Mediate is an MIT spin-off led by a team of entrepreneurs, AI researchers, and user experience designers from MIT, Harvard, and McKinsey.

Mediate is generously supported by multiple MIT programs including DesignX Accelerator, Sandbox, Venture Mentoring Services.

We are based in Impact Hub Boston. You can reach us at